DIY in a Day - Drill Skills

DIY in a Day - Drill Skills

Would you like to put shelves and curtains up … that stay up? You are not alone!

In this fast paced one day workshop we share the ‘know how’ of a corded and cordless drill. We’ll show you why the power tool is your friend and give you the confidence to master it.

A perfect starter for all those annoying jobs around the house that you feel you should be able to tackle…if only you knew how.

We will show you how to judge what is behind the walls before you drill.

Identify what any wall is made of and learn how to select the correct combination of drill bit, wall fixing and screw to ensure that your shelves can hold your heavy items, curtains and blinds stay up. Learn to drill into wood, brick, tiles or hollow walls with confidence.

If you want to leave with the skills, confidence and know-how to go home and hang those pictures and shelves that have sat on your floor for months, waiting to reach their full potential, this day is for you.

An enjoyable ‘hands on’ one day workshop that covers many of the common aspects of basic DIY.

There is plenty of time to practice on several exercises over the day.

The workshop also covers hanging heavier objects like mirrors, cupboards and flat screen TVs. You will learn how to fix a baton and then a pair of level shelf brackets.

The day will also include a chance to fill small and medium holes in wood and walls to prepare your surfaces for painting.

Along the way, we show you how to remove old wall fixings and what to do with the ones you can’t.This fun fast day has plenty of tools to try and lots of advice on which tools to have in a basic toolkit.

You will take home a set of skills that will last a lifetime.

All personal protection, tuition, tools, materials and lunch are included.

Perfect for beginners, enjoyable for everyone.


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